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Hey Lady!


I'm so happy you're here!

Hey friend! I'm Katy.

 I've been working as a beauty professional since 2017.

Since my start into this career, I've discovered my favorite service to offer my clients is well blended, dimensional color that has an amazing impact on grey blending and lower maintenance results.


I've focused in on this speciality because of my own experience as a busy wife, mama, and hairstylist looking for ways to extend the life of my color and increase my confidence in my hair. I believe when you feel beautiful and confident in how you take care of yourself, you open yourself up to the world and those around you in a brighter, more confidence way. My hope is that my services will offer you greater ease in hair maintenance as well as greater confidence in your outward expression of yourself.

I chose to enter this industry because I believe it's an incredible opportunity to connect with so many amazing women I would have never otherwise had the opportunity to meet. This career gives me the ability to curate a salon experience that allows for both lighthearted interaction as well as a deep connection with my clientele.  I'm so wonderfully aware of what a blessing that is.


I treasure time with my wonderful husband and 3 amazing kiddos who all keep my very busy these days. I highly value my faith and hope to follow and reflect Jesus in everything I do.

My favorite activities with the fam consist of Waffle House breakfast dates, adventures to Target or the gas station, long country road drives, and family walks in our neighborhood. It truly is the little things! Though don't get me wrong, I am always counting down the days until our next trip to the beach!

I hope this page has given you a better idea of who I am and what I'm here to do. If you feel we would be a great fit to work together I'd love for you to move forward to my 'New Guest' page where you can take your next steps to begin as a client!

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